Lynden Nursing Service - The Caregivers

We take the time to get to know our caregivers. Upon registering, every caregiver meets more than just one staff member in person. Each caregiver is an Independent Contractor, so we not only verify the qualifications of each caregiver, but we screen for personality likes, dislikes and interests to better match the caregiver to the client. Our verification processes are extensive and meet all the requirements of the State of Florida to ensure proper qualifications.

The following eligibility requirements must be presented upon registering:

  • AHCA Level 2 fingerprint background screening
  • All Florida and AHCA requirements satisfied
  • Professional License and/or certification verification
  • Professional Liability insurance
  • Driver’s License and car insurance verification
  • Proof of Residency or eligibly to work in the US
  • HIV/OSHA Training certificate
  • Physicals with doctor’s statement free from communicable disease within last 6 months
  • Assistance with self-medication certificate